The Commercial Roof Rat Experts

Critter Control of Virginia Beach is your commercial roof rat control and roof rat removal experts! Our professionally trained technicians know how to identify roof rat habits and if established, can remove roof rats safely and securely from your property!

Roof rats carry diseases and parasites and can be a hazard to handle without the proper equipment. Due to the risks these animals pose, rats should only be handled by rat experts. Critter Control of Virginia Beach will remove all roof rats and use prevention methods specific to the animal to prevent future infestations. A good roof rat control and prevention program usually involves finding and sealing all points of entry of the animal.

Roof rats are quite destructive and when you are invaded by a colony they will leave an abundance amount of droppings. Critter Control of Virginia Beach will remove droppings, clean up messes, and repair roof rat damages.

If you suspect a roof rat invasion and need removal, exclusion, damage repair, or prevention services, give us a call!

Critter Control of Virginia Beach provides services to the following cities:

Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Newport News, Williamsburg, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Hampton

Please call us at 757-250-2288 to schedule your home inspection today!!