Bat Control in Williamsburg

Bats in the Williamsburg area will find their way into homes when they seek a place to raise their babies and for safe shelter. Attics and chimneys will protect bats during the day and provide a safe place for mother bats to raise their pups.

Bat Control

Critter Control of Virginia Beach offers professional bat control to keep bats out of your home, out of your attic, and out of your chimney. Your technician will have extensive bat knowledge and will provide the best approach for your specific bat problem. Critter Control of Virginia Beach can exclude your bat problem, repair damages, and place preventative materials to keep them out for good.

Bat Exclusion

Bats are a protected species due to their help with the insect population. Special care is necessary when trying to get bats out of your home. One-way doors and other techniques can be installed to safely get them out. Your Critter Control technician will know when to exclude the bats and what humane methods to use for the approach.

Critter Control of Virginia Beach Bat Control Services

Bat Damage

Bats and humans live together pretty peacefully. When they intrude your home - It is a completely different story. Bats droppings (guano) will create a health hazard for your family and a great stench throughout your home. Bat urine will stain building materials and ruin insulation. Critter Control of Virginia Beach can replace soiled insulation, clean up the mess left behind by the animal, remove droppings, and repair any entry holes and other damages done by the intrusion.

Bat Prevention

The last thing you want is to get rid of your bat problem, just for another one to occur! Critter Control of Virginia Beach understands the headache that comes with any wildlife control problem and will work hard to ensure your home is safe from animal entry for seasons to come. A few prevention techniques may include:

  • Chimney Caps and Screening
  • Vent Screening
  • One-way Doors
  • Soffit Repairs and Screening

Residents in Williamsburg have noticed squeaking coming from the attic, a smell coming out of the chimney, and an abundance of bats flying around their home around dusk. If you have noticed similar signs of a bat control problem, call Critter Control of Virginia Beach. Your technician will get rid of the bats in your home, repair damages, clean up the mess, and prevent future problems. Trust us to help with your bat control problem in Williamsburg.