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Critter Control of Virginia Beach roof rat removal methods offer the most effective results available. Your technician will take precaution in removing the roof rats humanely and safely by offering effective and affordable solutions. Roof rats make messes, carry diseases, and can cause considerable damage. Roof rats problems cause plenty of headaches throughout the Virginia Beach area. Roof rat colonies will leave behind large amounts of droppings, upon removal our roof rat experts will clean up the mess and repair any damages! If you hear scratching in the attic or noises in the walls, you might have a roof rat problem!

When you suspect a possible invasion, call Critter Control of Virginia Beach. If roof rats are already established, our roof rat removal experts will securely remove these pests from your property. Roof rats will carry diseases and can leave quite a bite if handled without proper equipment. Rat removal should only be handled by roof rat experts. We'll remove all roof rats and because they can fit through the smallest of holes, we will use a prevention program to seal off all points of entry.

Contact us today to discuss roof rat removal, roof rat exclusion, roof rat damage repair or any other roof rat-related problem.  

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