Animal Droppings/Feces Removal

Residents who experience a wildlife control problem often do not think of the feces and droppings build up. This mess will create great damage to your insulation and will result in stains and difficult odors. Droppings will carry diseases and parasites that can pose a great threat to your family and pets. Critter Control of Virginia Beach will remove the wildlife droppings left behind and remove all evidence from your unwanted wildlife control problem. Call Critter Control of Virginia Beach to have your wildlife control needs taken care of! 757.250.2288

Attic/Soffit/Louvre Vent Screen Guards

The proper prevention techniques call for professional materials and animal knowledge. Critter Control of Virginia Beach will offer multiple methods to fit your problem species best. A few we commonly use are attic fan vent guards, roof vent guards, gable vent closures and soffit vent repairs. Give us a call to have your home animal-proofed!!

Carcass/Dead Animal Removal

Occasionally animals will get lodged in a tight space, or nature will take its turn for the worse and the animal may die. A lot of damages come from having an animal carcass in your home including, major health risks, possible insect infestations, difficult stains and lingering odors. If you suspect a dead animal in your home, give Critter Control of Virginia Beach a call immediately. Our technicians will remove the carcass, clean up the mess, and repair damages. We use special deodorizers, neutralizers and air purifiers to make the nasty smell go away. We can solve all of your animal problems! 757.250.2288

Chimney Cap and Screen Installation

Critter Control Of Virginia Beach is your full service wildlife control company. After the removal of your unwanted animals, we will repair damage and implement species-specific, state-of-the-art prevention techniques. Vent screening, chimney caps/screens, and closing entry holes are a few prevention techniques we offer. We will reduce the opportunity for future animal infestations and potential damage. Call us to have your home critter proofed and safe from unwanted animals!

Please call us at 757.250.2288 to schedule your home inspection today!!