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Identifying a Fox

There are many fox species in the United States, including gray, island, kit, and swift foxes. The most known is the red fox. The red fox is about 3 feet long and weighs around 15 pounds. They have bushy tails that they use as communication with other foxes and to keep warm. Other characteristics include pointed ears, narrow snouts, red-orange coats with black markings, and a white underbelly. The red fox is nocturnal and rarely seen by humans. You will know a fox has been on your property from the tracks and damages.


Foxes very rarely enter homes. Lured to property by food sources, foxes are known to attack livestock. They can kill an entire population of chickens! Often, foxes will kill more than necessary and hide the remaining carcasses in a hole for later consumption. Foxes are known to be a prevalent carrier of rabies, and their feces can transmit additional diseases on top of that.


Despite their charming appearances and playful behaviors, foxes will bite when cornered. Untrained individuals should never approach a fox or attempt unprofessional trapping. The wrong trapping technique can make it more difficult to catch the fox by educating it and enhancing its awareness on the trapping. If you suspect a fox problem near your home, call Critter Control of Virginia Beach. We will implement efficient trapping and removal techniques that will get rid of your fox problem quickly.

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